Dental Sealants and Other Preventive Treatments from Your General Dentist

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A general dentist provides primary dental care to patients of all age groups. Aside from routine dental treatment, cleaning and checkup, the dental professional also provides preventative treatment such as dental sealants. This helps to prevent the occurrence of oral issues like tooth decay, gum diseases and damages. Continue reading to learn more about preventive treatment options from the general dentist.

Preventive treatment options

Below are some of the preventive care services offered by general dentists. These treatments are necessary for optimal oral health.

Dental sealants

Sealants are a common preventive procedure provided by the general dentist, especially for children. Children usually need sealants because their teeth are more susceptible to cavities from all the sugary treats they eat and poor oral hygiene. Dental sealants shield the surfaces of the back molars that are at higher risk to prevent bacteria and food debris from being trapped there. The sealant becomes a smooth coating over the tooth’s grooves and pits to make cleaning more effective.

The process is easy, painless and fast, involving the sealant (a clear resin material) in liquid form and hardening it. The sealant is effective for preventing tooth decay for a few years before a reapplication is required. The dentist may also recommend sealants for adults who are prone to cavities but are yet to get a dental restoration like filling on their teeth. Sealants prevent decay, an issue that can potentially lead to tooth loss without intervention.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride application is another common preventive treatment often provided twice yearly during routine dental checkups. The dentist will provide the fluoride through a gel or liquid, directly over the teeth. It is a vital mineral that helps fortify the teeth’s enamel to lower the chances of cavities or brittleness that can cause cracks, chips or breakage.

Composite bonding

This procedure is essentially a restorative procedure that can also serve preventive purposes. It can strengthen weak or damaged teeth. The procedure is straightforward and involves the use of composite resin, a tooth-colored material. After applying the composite material on the teeth, the general dentist will mold it according to preference and harden it with a unique curing light.

The resin can help to prevent a fragile tooth from cracking or breaking under pressure. Also, if the tooth is already damaged, the resin can stop the damage from worsening by holding the tooth together and masking the imperfection.

Deep dental cleaning

Deep dental cleaning is the more involved form of routine dental cleaning. The general dentist will go beyond the teeth surfaces to under the gums to clean pockets that may have formed there. The gum pockets harbor bacteria, which can cause periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease. The cleaning process often requires local anesthetic. Deep cleaning can help to stop infections in their tracks.

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Those who are considering preventive treatment from the general dentist need to contact the dental office to learn more about their options. Specific procedures can be offered following a comprehensive evaluation. Book an appointment to get started.

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